Geographical Indications

One of the activities of the CANDY Consortium was the introduction of geographical indications (GI) for four specialities from Central Asia. Such GIs are signs used to brand products with specific qualities, reputations and characteristics that are primarily due to the terroir of origin. For further information, please check our publications on GIs (here on the right) and our project page of CANDY V.


РУС  ENG  ТОҶ  УЗБ  КЫР          Booklet on geographical indications


РУС  ENG  ТОҶ  УЗБ  КЫР          Presentation of geographical indications


РУС  ENG  ТОҶ  УЗБ  КЫР          Press Release (05-10-2022 / GI forum in CA)

РУС  ENG  ТОҶ  УЗБ  КЫР          Press Release (04-08-2021 / 4 GI products)


РУС  ENG  ТОҶ  УЗБ  КЫР          Study tour to EU on GI and agro-clusters


On this webpage, we provide a free-of-charge Geographical Information System (GIS) that delineates the four GI terroirs on interactive maps. It allows for zooming on precise locations of small communities, and producers of the concerned specialities will be able to verify their location with respect to the GI terroirs. We mention, however, that besides a suitable location within a terroir, also several other criteria apply for successful GI branding, and products have to undergo a procedure of application and classification, before they can officially carry the respective GI. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, in case of questions.

ENG: Instructions

  1. click on “Google Maps”
  2. search for your location
  3. if needed, switch to satellite view

(see an example here)

ТОҶ: Дастурамал

  1. ба “Google Maps” пахш кунед
  2. мавқехи худро ҷустуҷӯ кунед
  3. агар лозим бошад, ба намуди моҳвора гузаред

(нигаред ба мисол)

O’ZB: Instruksiya

  1. “Google Maps”ni bosing
  2. manzilingizni izlang
  3. zarurat bo‘lsa, satillite tasvirga o‘zgartiring

(misol uchun bu yerdagi namunaga qarang)

КЫР: Көрсөтмөлөр

  1. “Google Maps” басыныз
  2. жайгашкан жериңизди издетүү
  3. зарыл болсо, спутниктен көрүнүшүнө өтүңүз

(мисалы бул жерден караңыз)

ҚАЗ: Нұсқаулық

  1. “Google Maps”  басыңыз
  2. oрналасқан жеріңіз бойынша іздеңіз
  3. қажет болса, спутниктен көруге ауысыңыз

(мысал ретінде осыдан қараңыз)

Asht Dried Apricot

  • Region: Sughd, Tajikistan
  • Varieties: Mirsanjali Zard (yellow), Surkh (red)
  • Character: sweet with a delicate sour taste

Terroir: Google Maps

At-Bashinsky White Honey

  • Region: Naryn, Kyrgyzstan
  • Varieties: mountain monofloral honey
  • Character: light floral smell with caramel flavor

Terroir: Google Maps

Khorezm Melon

  • Region: Khorezm & Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan
  • Varieties: Gurvak, Zar Gulyabi, Karry Kyz, Beshik, Tyrysh
  • Character: juicy pulp and pleasant sweet aroma

Terroir: Google Maps

Almaty Aport

  • Region: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
  • Varieties: Aport Alexander, Blood Red
  • Character: sweet; among the oldest apple varieties

Terroir: Google Maps

Maps are only as accurate as their input data. Also, projections between a round globe and a flat map can cause distortions. In case of inaccuracies – and particularly when they concern country borders – we would like to mention, that as a non-governmental organization, we do not represent any political views with the maps provided here above. To report an inaccuracy, please contact us.

Since 2008, Hilfswerk International enables support, promotion and economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) processing fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts and honey within the framework of the project series named CANDY (Central Asian Nuts, Dried Fruit and HoneY processing SMEs). After three successful projects (CANDY I-III, 2008-2015), the project CANDY IV (2017-2019) focused on specialized and comprehensive services for export-oriented SMEs. Since the beginning of 2020, we continue with the project CANDY V. All projects are funded by the European Union within the framework of the program “Central Asia Invest”.

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