Formation of Resilient Natural Disaster Communities in Tajikistan


“Disaster Preparedness Program”

From 2004 to 2007, Hilfswerk International implemented the projects DIPECHO I-IV (“Formation of Resilient Natural Disaster Communities in Tajikistan”) in cooperation with the Committee for Emergency Situations under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. The projects were funded by the European Union within the framework of the “Disaster Preparedness Program”.
The aim of the project was to provide assistance to communities at the preparation for potential natural disasters and to train local inhabitants for proper response during such events. Furthermore, people were familiarized with the theory and practice of first aid and the behavior during natural disasters at farm and school levels. The formation of disaster-resilient communities contributes to the establishment of partnerships at the local, regional and national levels; it also serves as example on which the development of a long-term plan for further implementations in other regions can be based. Communities gained skills in identifying potential risks, as well as in comparing and evaluating certain scenarios. The ability of local communities to deal with natural disasters has been increased by mobilizing volunteers, providing equipment and conducting training.
Other objectives of the project were the formation of a natural disaster response team (NDRT) in each community for disaster analysis. All teams received appropriate equipment and passed an intensive theoretical and practical course, which was conducted by other NDRT members, local specialists and international experts in order to ensure adequate disaster response. Young people and households were offered first aid training and passed exercises for evacuations from schools and other buildings.


Target region:
> DIPECHO I (2004) – Gissar District
> DIPECHO II (2005) – Tursunzade
> DIPECHO III (2006) – Shahrinav District
> DIPECHO IV (2007) – Rudaki District


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