Strong CSOs and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Active and Prosperous Youth in Tajikistan

since 2021

“Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities”

Since 2021, Hilfswerk International implements the project ProYouth (“Strong CSOs and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Active and Prosperous Youth in Tajikistan”) in cooperation with MIR and UPCT. The project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the program “Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities”.
The project ProYouth supports youth and young communities, especially in rural areas in Tajikistan, by increasing their capacity and skills to participate actively in socio-economic life at the local, regional and national levels.
The project promotes close cooperation among government agencies and local authorities, CSOs, YCGs, youth in the target communities, Business Intermediary Organizations (BIOS), international organizations and representatives of the European Union, providing platforms for joint dialogue aimed at the development and access to new opportunities.
The project empowers CSOs, actively working with young women and men by strengthening their capacity and providing them with knowledge, skills and tools, which allow them to improve youth participation in socio-economic life and youth self-development with a focus on the rural population.
The action applies a gender-sensitive approach with a commitment to gender mainstreaming throughout the project cycle, supporting social inclusion and entrepreneurship as the main factors that play an important role in strengthening the economy across all sectors to ensure sustainable development and the inclusion of women in the socio-economic life of society.


Target region:
> Tajikistan


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