The representative office of Hilfswerk International is an Austrian non-profit charitable organization promoting international cooperation. Operating in Tajikistan since 2001, it has been implementing projects and programs for agricultural development and providing support of small- and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, it focusses on projects in the social sector and other priority areas of social and economic development.

Hilfswerk International is an international, non-profit, humanitarian and impartial organization, without religious affiliation.

The main objective of the organization is to assist civil victims affected by environmental disasters, economic hardship and war.

During project implementation, Hilfswerk International efficiently cooperates with the following government facilities of the Republic of Tajikistan: the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade; the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management; the Ministry of Education and Science; the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection; the Ministry of Agriculture; the Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection under the Government; and several local executive bodies representing the state authority.

Moreover, Hilfswerk International in Tajikistan maintains close cooperation with international organizations such as UNDP, GIZ and USAID for the implementation of diverse projects.

  • Sustainable self-help support
  • Cooperation with the Austrian economy
  • Acquaintance with Austria
  • Independent strict control over the use of donations
  • Assistance to victims of wars and natural disasters (emergency assistance, recovery & restoration)
  • The fight against poverty and hunger
  • Education of children, youth and adults
  • SME support and revenue generation
  • Disease control
  • Rural and agricultural development
  • Water supply and improvement of sanitary conditions in settlements
  • Supporting small businesses and taking steps to generate revenue
  • Respect of rights of national minorities and human rights
  • Development of non-governmental organizations and building a civil society
  • Respect of culture, history and traditions
  • Competent and goal-orientated support
  • Responsible and interested employees


The representative office of Hilfswerk International began its activities in the Republic of Tajikistan in 2001, after the events of September 11 of the same year. After the start of hostile action in Afghanistan, the head office of Hilfswerk International in Vienna, Austria, decided to provide humanitarian assistance to areas affected by active fighting. However, due to difficult communication with Afghanistan at that time, a representative office was opened in Tajikistan. Along with the implementation of the main activities in Afghanistan, project work also started in Tajikistan.

Since the very beginning, Hilfswerk International focused on projects targeting social support and economic development. It maintains close cooperation with government facilities and local non-governmental organizations to provide coping strategies for local people after natural disasters.

During the last decade, Hilfswerk International also reached out to neighboring countries in Central Asia. Since 2008 it coordinates projects aimed at economic development in Kyrgyzstan and since 2014 likewise in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.



Stoyanka Manolcheva

Regional Manager
at Hilfswerk International

Grünbergstrasse 15/2/5
1120 Vienna, Austria

E-mail: stoyanka.manolcheva@hwa.or.at
Phone: +43-(0)1-40 57 500-54
Mobile: +43-(0)1-40 57 500-150
Fax: +43-(0)1-40 57 500-150


Umed Aslanov

Head of Mission Hilfswerk International
in Central Asia

Business Center Bokhtar
Bokhtar Street 37/1
734002 Dushanbe, Tajikistan

E-mail: aslanov@hilfswerk.tj
Phone: +992-372 28 93 85
Mobile: +992-918 44 06 33